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High proficiency & efficiency in design & implementation of complex fire protection solutions with latest system design & software programs/applications. Wide experience and technical know-how on all types of active fire protection systems and facilities within the guidelines of the Malaysian Fire & Rescue Dept. (Bomba) Services Act 1988 and industry-based regulations, as well as international fire protection standards and guidelines.Our divisions include:
Technical Sales – Sprinkler Systems
Special Hazards Fire Suppression
Fire Extinguishers, Hoses & Safety Equipment
Fire Protection Inspections and Deficiencies
Fire Protection Engineering & Design
Fire Safety Plans
New Project
Goals & Values
To give customers the satisfaction through our quality products and services.
Our Objective
Our main objective is to effectively educate the public to the real danger of fire and to instill the knowledge of self-awareness and self-discipline related to fire safety.
Safety is our #1 priority. Our safety record is outstanding with no recordable incidents in over 5 years
Smart Fire Group
Innovation Security Products in the most Effective Way!
Smart Fire Group offers a full suite of fire protection and security systems and services for a diverse set of industries. Our engineers, installers and inspectors have the industry-specific expertise and experience required to deliver superior solutions and service.
As a full line resource, Smartfiregroup provides complete engineering, installation, inspection, and repair of all types of fire protection and security systems. Associated Fire Protection’s long history is closely connected to the company’s business philosophy of forming long-term relationships with our customers.
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Wet/Dry Riser System

Hydrant System

Sprinkler System

Hose Reel System

Fire Extinguisher

Fireman Intercom system

Fire Alarm System

Fire Suppression System

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Reasons to Choose
Highly Qualified Team
Work of high standards
Our technicians are well trained and qualified
Price is a valid consideration when choosing a fire protection company.
Quality Service
We have all the modern and speedy technicians to operate them
Good Reputation
We have good reputation in quality services
Smartfiregroup can Protect Your Property with a Fire Safety System.
Leading in fire safety protection
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